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Worker Injured by a Forklift Receives Compensation Settlement

December 27, 2014

A man, who was then an employee of Highline Extreme, is having his case heard in the High Court in relation to a compensation claim lodged against his then-employer for injuries sustained after a forklift accident in May 2010.

The victim, Scott Fewster, forty, of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, was employed as a welder for Highland Extreme, a manufacturer of skateparks and climbing walls. He was injured when 40kg metal frame fell from a nearby forklift as it was being transferred to a truck. Mr Fewster fell to the ground under the weight of the frame and was hurt in his neck and head. His body and soft tissues were also heavily bruised, and surgery had to be carried out to repair nerve damage.

The incident left Mr Fewster requiring assistance three months, as he unable to carry out day-to-day tasks such as driving or cooking meals. He did briefly return to work for his previous employer, but decided to leave after he found himself incapable of coping with the highly physical demands of the job.

Mr Fewster left his job the October after his accident, and could not secure employment until February 2013. However, even then he could only carry out light duties and work a maximum of thirty hours a week. The nerve damage inflicted upon Mr Fewster’s hand makes it unlikely that he will even be able to carry out heavy-duty work again.

Mr Fewster sought legal advice and then lodged a compensation claim against for the injuries caused by the forklift accident. His former employers, Highland Extreme, accepted liability for the incident and was issued with an Improvement Notice by the Health and Safety Executive. However, no agreement was made concerning how much the settlement to be paid out to Mr Fewster should be. He claims that the accident has caused him to suffer recurring stiffness in his neck and bouts of dizziness, thus preventing him from partaking in his regular hobbies which include judo and drumming. Highland Extreme dispute the long-term impact of the injury.

Doctors are investigating Mr Fewster’s injuries, and they will help assess how much compensation he is entitled to for the workplace injury. The case will be heard again in London’s High Court early next year.

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