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Worker Compensated for Bakery Accident

November 10, 2014

Compensation has been paid to a worker who suffered head injuries from a blunt metal pipe after an accident in a bakery.

The worker, Jonathan Wain, fifty-six of Trent Vale in Nottinghamshire was working as a cleaner in Premier Foods factory in Stoke-on-Trent when the accident occurred. After entering an area where the ingredients for almond slices are prepared, an overhead steel pipe fell and hit Mr Wain on the head as he closed the door. Ordinarily, the pipe would raise upon entry to the cage. Mr Wain sustained serious blunt trauma to his head and received treatment for the injury in a hospital.

As a consequence of the incident, Mr Wain suffered from concussions, blurred vision, dizziness and headaches. He was then required to take seven weeks off work after returning home from hospital. An investigation into the circumstances of the accident ensued. It was discovered that the rubber seal that was supposed to be at either end of the pipe was missing from one, causing the pipe to fall on the victim’s head. His employers, Premier Food Limited, then proceeded to carry out a comprehensive maintenance check of the machinery in the bakery to ensure that faults was not found anywhere else, and all rubber seals necessary were present on the machines.

Mr Wain sought legal counsel after his accident and subsequently made a compensation claim for the injuries he sustained at the bakery. He claimed that the bakery was at fault due to a lack of suitable maintenance of the machinery, leading to the oversight that the seal on the steel pipe was missing. He alleges that if the adequate maintenance was carried out, the seal would have been in place and his accident would not have occurred.

After Premier Foods Limited admitted liability for Mr Wain’s accident, the compensation claim put forward was settled in out-of-court negotiations. Mr Wain received £4,370 in compensation for the incident, but cited that the best outcome of the case was the repair of the machine – preventing the accident happening to anyone else. Mr Wain has since returned to work.

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