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Woman Bitten by Dog Receives Injury Compensation

July 7, 2014

A woman that sustained injuries after being bitten by a dog whilst trying to protect her own two dogs has been awarded £15,000 in injury compensation.

The incident occurred when Rebecca Lambert, forty-one of Rotherham in South Yorkshire, was out walking her two small dogs – a west highland white terrier and a beagle-pug (“puggle”) mix. As she was walking, a bull terrier dog that was not on its lead came towards her. The dog’s owner attempted to shout a warning to Ms Lambert that his dog may be hostile, but before she could act and attempt to bring her dogs to a safer location, the bull terrier bit her young puggle.

As Ms Lambert attempted to save her dog and free it from the jaws of the larger bull terrier, the other dog’s owner hit his pet with a stick, which snapped upon impact with the animal’s back. It took fifteen minutes to free the puggle, during which Ms Lambert sustained puncture wounds from the dog’s teeth, scratches, and cuts to her face, legs and forearms.

The emergency services were called to the scene, and the puggle pup was rushed to the veterinarians for emergency surgery. The owner of the vicious bull terrier fled the scene with his dog, but after a police investigation was found and charged with breaching the Animals Act of 1971. This resulted in the euthanasia of the bull terrier.

Ms Lambert subsequently made a claim against the owner of the bull terrier for her dog bite injuries, claiming that he knew the dangers his animal posed to others and cited his failure to restrain the animal to prevent it harming others. The owner admitted liability for Ms Lambert’s injuries, and a settlement of £15,000 was decided to compensate for physical injuries, emotional trauma and veterinary care costs.

Ms Lambert’s solicitor stated that approximately 6,000 people a year suffer injuries from dog bites, yet vanishingly few realise that they are entitled to make a claim for compensation against the owner of the offending animal. This also includes instances where injuries have been inflicted whilst the victim is in the home of the animal’s owner.

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