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Couple Launch Investigation Into Food Poisoning

September 24, 2016

A British couple have consulted personal injury solicitors concerning food poisoning that they suffered whilst on a package holiday in Crete.

In August 2015, William and Leanda Kidley went on holiday to Crete on an all-inclusive holiday package at the three-star Katrin Suites Resort in Stalis. Towards the end of their stay, William – who works as a Transport Support Manager – began to come down with flu-like symptoms, which developed into diarrhoea upon their return to Cheshire.

William then visited his GP, who referred him to the Warrington General Hospital for diagnostics. The tests conceded that William was suffering from campylobacter food poisoning, and he was then admitted to hospital. Despite a week-long stay at the hospital, William has yet to achieve full recovery.

After the diagnosis was made, the couple consulted a personal injuries solicitor as they believed that the standard of hygiene at the resort was the direct cause of William’s illness. The solicitors will not investigate whether or not the couple have a valid claim against Thomas Cook, the company with which the couple booked the stay, trading as FlexibleTrips.

The Cheshire couple told their solicitors that they regularly saw flies around the chilled food provided to them, and that many of the other foodstuffs were left out in the open all day. Additionally, they claim that much of their food was undercooked. The tour operators have already stated that, if a definitive connection can be made, they will compensate William for his illness.

Leanda, speaking to her local press, has commented that “The last thing we ever expected when we booked the holiday was for either of us to end up in hospital going through tests to find out exactly what was wrong. William missed time off work because of the problems he was having and it took him a long time for his stamina to improve and even now he has not made a full recovery.”

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