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Injured Truck Driver Initiated Compensation Claim

August 12, 2015

A lorry driver has told his solicitors to begin a compensation claim after he was injured whilst helping a transit van manoeuvre past his vehicle.

The driver in question, John Finney – forty-two of Harthill in South Yorkshire – was delivering goods to the Station Hotel near Doncaster in April 2015 when the accident occurred. He stopped unloading his delivery to assist a transit van move past his vehicle in the hotel car park.

When the transit van had moved past his vehicle, Mr Finney recommenced unloading his goods and began lowering the tail-lift. As he was doing this, the transit van driver drove into Mr Finney, trapping him between the vehicles and  dragging him along the tail-lift.

An ambulance was called to the scene and Mr Finney was brought to Doncaster Royal Infirmary. He had sustained serious injuries to his back, leg and ribs, and was admitted to intensive care in the facility. There, he underwent surgery to remove part of his bowel and his appendix before being discharged eleven days later.

Mr Finney has not been able to work since the incident, and is still in recovery. He has great difficulty partaking in everyday routines, such as eating dinner with his family, and his previous hobbies of keep-fit and motorcycling are no longer possibilities for him.

The driver that was responsible for the injuries caused to Mr Finney was fined for his negligent driving and dealt seven penalty points. Mr Finney then sought legal counsel and began legal action to pursue a claim for his suffering, loss of income and rehabilitation.

Mr Finney has stated, in regards to the accident, that “this incident has had a huge impact on my life as I can no longer do the things I have always enjoyed. I loved to keep fit and take part in charity walks, but I know that for the time-being those activities are a distant memory for me. I hope by speaking out it makes drivers think carefully about how they drive in future.”

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