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Compensation Claim for Injuries after Head-On Collision Negotiated Out-of-Court

June 7, 2015

An injury compensation claim after a head-on collision has been settled through out-of-court negotiations following involvement of the victim’s union.

The collision occurred in April 2013, when Nick Brancher, thirty-seven from Saltash in Cornwall was driving eastbound on the A38 near Bodmin. When a car that was travelling in the opposite direction to Mr Brancher swerved from the westbound carriageway at fifty miles per hour, it collided with Mr Brancher’s large seven-seater – but only after it collided with two other vehicles also on the carriageway.

Mr Brancher, who had just dropped off his young daughter at school a few minutes before the accident, was immediately brought to a nearby hospital with a broken left elbow and numerous soft-tissue injuries encompassing his upper torso. The severity of the injuries to his ribs, back and neck failed to become clear until a fortnight after the head-on collision had taken place.

Mr Brancher, who worked as a maintenance team leader, was able to return to work merely two days after the incident, yet was unable to carry out his full range of duties and was restricted to light tasks for several months. He also found it necessary to refrain from other pursuits such as Ju Jitsu, kayaking, climbing and cycling.

Mr Brancher sought legal counsel with the help of his union, and subsequently made a compensation claim for the injuries sustained in the collision against the driver, citing negligence on the driver’s part. The insurance company of that driver conceded liability for the accident and resulting injuries on their customer’s part, and a settlement for the injuries sustained by Mr Brancher was settled without the need for a court hearing.

The regional officer at Unite’s Plymouth office, Rob Miguel, assisted Mr Brancher in his case against the negligent driver. He stated after the negotiations that the driver lost control and caused harm to others because he wasn’t concentrating. Though he admitted the injuries inflicted could have been worse, it still had an impact on Mr Brancher’s life for a considerable period after the collision occurred.


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