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Injury Claim Settled for Sainsbury’s Fall

December 15, 2015

An elderly woman has received a settlement of compensation after she fell and injured style herself whilst shopping in a local supermarket.

Jean Annis, aged seventy-nine from Alsager in Cheshire, was conducting her shopping at a Sainsbury’s supermarket near her home when the accident occurred. Ms Annis stumbled over mat that was at the entrance to the shop, causing her to fall and sustain fractures to her right arm. Ms Annis was also injured on her face.

The victim received quick medical attention at the scene of the accident, and was speedily brought to hospital where she received further treatment. However, the fall had also caused Ms Annis to suffer permanent nerve damage to her arm – the her dominant arm. Another fall about five months after the accident caused another fracture to the same arm, which medical experts say would not have happened had she not sustained the first fracture months before in Sainsbury’s.

The second accident has meant that Ms Annis has been unable to use her right arm, rendering her unable to drive. An operation has been advised, that could give Ms Annis more strength, but as Ms Annis’ husband, Norman, suffers from dementia she is afraid that he will have to be put into a care facility whilst she receives and recovers from the treatment.

Ms Annis sought legal counsel and proceeded to make a claim for compensation against Sainsbury’s supermarket, claiming that the supermarket giant was negligent in allowing the mat to become loose. The company quickly acknowledged liability for Ms Annis’ fall and subsequent injuries, offering a settlement of compensation for the accident.

The exact sum was not disclosed, though it is thought to be of five figures. A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s has commented that “Mrs Annis is a valued customer and we are pleased that her injury claim for a trip over a mat in Sainsburys has been settled”.

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Broken Shop Sign Compensation Awarded to Woman (61)

January 23, 2013

Broken shop sign compensation has been awarded at court after woman was inflicted with a head injury when a sign fell apart from its fascia.

The court was told that the female, Ms Benham, was walking passed by Reds shoe shop in Bournemouth during October 2010, when the metallic 15 feet long sign for a shop dropped from the fascia and banged her on the head.

Mrs Benham (61) was at  treated by emergency medical services at the scene of her accident after an eyewitness to the incident called 999, and following this she was rushed to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital where it was found that she had a blunt closed head injury which needed to be treated.

Upon recovering from her initial trauma, Ms Benham spoke to her legal counsel before registering a accident injury compensation claim for a broken shop sign injury against the tReds firm – stating that not only had she suffered a head injury due to their failing to maintain their duty of care towards her, but had that she had also continually suffered due to anxiety the year after her accident.

The firm that owns and is responsible for the shoe store – Treds LLP – did no accept liability for Ms Benham’s accident and injuries and decided to contest the case that she took against them, claiming that they carried out, as standard, regular visual inspections of the store sign which eventually broke. Court proceedings against Treds LLP were then issued as no settlement was able to be reached by the parties involved in the incident.

At court, Ms Benham’s team of legal advisers showed that the shop sign had fallen due to the fact that the fascia to which it was attached had become rotten and worn. As tReds put in place only a limited system of inspection from ground level they were unable to discover that rot in the wooden fascia board. Judge Maston found in the claimant’s favour and awarded Ms Benham £1,800 in compensation.

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Slipped on Food on Shop Floor Injury Compensation Claim Upheld at High Court

March 14, 2012

An Australian woman, who suffered serious spinal injuries after slipping on a chip that had been discarded close to the food counter of a local store, has had her slipped on food on shop floor injury compensation claim upheld by the High Court in Sydney.

Kathryn Strong, an amputee who relies on the aid of her crutches to walk, was passing the food counter of the Woolworths store at the Centro Taree Shopping Centre in New South Wales in September 2004, when she slipped on a greasy chip that had been left on the floor and fell heavily – sustaining serious spinal injuries.

Kathryn sued Woolworths in the New South Wales District Court for slipped on spilt food in supermarket compensation, claiming that their lack of appropriate care and failing to provide a safe thoroughfare had directly led to her injuries.

Kathryn won her slipped on food on shop floor injury compensation claim and was awarded AU 580,299 dollars. However, the case was overturned on appeal by Woolworths on the grounds that Kathryn had not proven a lack of reasonable care and she was forced to take her case to the High Court.

At the High Court in Sydney, the court’s judges decided  that “reasonable care” required Woolworths to inspect and remove slipping hazards at 20 minute intervals and, as Woolworths could not demonstrate that such a cleaning schedule was in place, “on the balance of probabilities” the store was liable for Kathryn´s injuries.

Reinstating the award made at the New South Wales District Court, Kathryn was awarded AU 580,299 dollars plus costs in respect of her slipped on food on shop floor claim.

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