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Cameraman Injured during Accident in France Claims Compensation

January 10, 2015

A cameraman who sustained serious injuries resulting in the loss of his leg during a motorcycle accident in France has received compensation for the incident.

The incident occurred when Noel Greaves-Lord, fifty-two of Worthing in West Sussex, was filming Ducati superbikes in Cannes during October of 2010. Mr Greaves-Lord has extensive experience filming both national and international sporting events for stations such as ITV and the BBC.  One of the bikes he had been filming veered around a corner and lost control, colliding with the victim.

In an attempt to reduce the impact to the rest of his body, Mr Greaves-Lord protruded his right leg to absorb some of the shock of the incoming motorcycle. However, the action proved futile and he sustained serious injuries to his leg as a result of the collision. After being transported to the hospital, multiple surgeries were carried out upon Mr Greaves-Lord in an attempt to fix his right ankle, with little success. In November 2011, Mr Greaves-Lord contracted MRSA in a French hospital that unfortunately meant his right leg was amputated below the knee.

Mr Greaves-Lord sought legal counsel and then lodged a compensation claim against the motorcyclist that crashed into him in France. The driver, and Italian, conceded liability, but a settlement had yet to be determined due to the international nature of the case. Compensation claims settled in France are generally lower than they would be in the victim’s native United Kingdom, yet the claim was eventually settled for an undisclosed amount.  After much deliberation and negotiation to ensure the victim received an adequate sum, the claim was eventually settled for an undisclosed amount. The settlement accounts for the pain inflicted upon the victim, losses in earnings and how the loss of limb will impact Mr Greaves-Lord’s quality of life. Mr Greaves-Lord should now be guaranteed financial security for the rest of his life.

Mr Greaves-Lord has explained his satisfaction that his long-drawn out case has finally been resolved, citing that he can now begin to reconstruct his life. The incident in France has left him unable to work, and he is in continuous rehabilitation.

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