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Victims of Bus Collision to Claim Compensation

May 7, 2016

A group of victims that were injured in a collision involving three different vehicles are likely to claim compensation for their injuries.

The accident occurred on the 3rd March 2016 along the Bridlington Road, Chesterfield. Two cars and a bus were involved in the collision, which injured seven of the bus passengers enough that they had to be taken to the Chesterfield Royal Hospital. One other victim, who had been driving a car, was then air-lifted to Nottingham’s Queens Medical Centre for treatment.

An investigation ensued into the circumstances of the accident, after which a thirty-seven year-old man was arrested for causing the accident through allegedly negligent driving. The passengers of the No. 70 bus have started to consult solicitors about the possibility of compensation for the accident. They are likely to make the claims once the police have advanced their investigation.

Mavis Blood, aged seventy-seven from Staveley, was one of the passengers on the bus when the collision occurred. Upon admission to the Chesterfield Royal Hospital, she was diagnosed with a bleed on her brain and many lacerations on her face. Mavis was then kept in the hospital over night for monitoring, though they determined that she escaped the accident without permanent damage.

In a statement to the Derbyshire Times, Ellen Chapman – Mavis’ granddaughter – stated that “She went to hospital and there was concern because she’s 70 she’s high risk, and they found she’s got a bleed on the brain, likely because she takes blood thinning tablets. They’re monitoring her and hoping the bleed will sort herself out.”

A solicitor representing one of the victims  also commented that “The consequences of such incidents should not be downplayed, as through our work acting on behalf of clients we have seen how crashes of this nature have left victims suffering from not only their physical injuries months after the event, but also the psychological trauma.”

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